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Danger Man Boardgames  [Back to the Memorabilia page]

There are 2 Danger Man related Boards Games, one produced in the UK in 1960 the other produced in the US in 1966.


Danger Man Boardgame 1960

This game, produced in 1960 by Bells was sold in the UK

It is very rare and very collectable, and I have only seen it sold twice in the last 5 years for over 400.

Click here to view the game instructions

Secret Agent Boardgame 1966

This game, produced in 1966 by Milton Bradley (MB) was only sold in the USA

For 2 - 4 players
For ages 10 years to adult
Estimated game time - 20 minutes (As printed on the lid)

Game Contents include:

Instructions - printed on the inside lid of the box
Green cards - labeled taxi, train etc.
4 counters - blue, red, green and yellow
4 targets (one for each player) - blue, red, green and yellow
1 dice
1 brief case

The object of the game is to be the first person to pick-up the brief case containing the top secret papers.

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