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Danger Man Memorabilia  [Back to the homepage]

When Danger Man was 'on air' many companies produced related memorabilia such as Jigsaws, Boardgames and Bubblegum Cards. Over the years I have collected many different items and you can view what I have in my collection here:

Danger Man novels were released in the UK, in the US as Secret Agent and in France as Destination Danger.

Click here to view them.
Danger Man comics were release in many countries. Here I have examples of them from the UK and the US.

Click here to view them.
There were 2 official Danger Man Annuals released in the UK, along with some other hardback comic books.

Click here to view them.
  Magazine Articles
There have been many Danger Man/Prisoner/McGoohan related articles featured in magazines from all over the world.

These include:
TV Times
TV Weekly
and Others
There were 4 Danger Man jigsaws produced in the UK.

Click here to view them.
  Board Games
There were 2 Danger Man board games produced - one in the UK and one in the US.

Click here to view them.
Bubblegum Cards
Somportex released a set of 72 bugglegums cards.

Click here to view them.
  Other Cards
Many other Danger Man cards have been produced over the years such as:

Cinema Cards
Six of One Publications
The Six of One Prisoner Society have published a number of paperbacks.

Click here to view them.
  Recent Publications
Many other related books have been published over the recent years.

Click here to view them.
Sheet Music
Back by popular request - Danger Man sheetmusic. Now you can download and play the famous 'High Wire' theme.

Click here to view them.

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