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Disclaimer and Sources of Information  [Back to the homepage]

The television series "Danger Man" and "The Prisoner" are copyrighted 1961 ITC Entertainment Ltd, (now Carlton Television Ltd).

These pages are not for personal gain, they are designed purely to promote interest in their respective subjects.

I hope you have enjoyed browsing my website, however should you find any material offensive that you feel should be removed, please email me and I will do my best to comply with your wishes.

Sources of information include:
"The Prisoner and Danger Man" - Dave Rogers (Boxtree Limited)

Jaz Wiseman - For supplying all the colour Danger Man pictures used within this website.

Jaz Wiseman & Robert Fairclough - For allowing me to use portions of their excellent Danger Man partwork, featured in the DeAgostini magazines.

Tony McKay - For identifying all the Danger Man filming location information. If it wasn't for his site 'A guide to Avengerland' I wouldn't have been able to locate and photograph the DM locations.

Sue Schofield - For writing and supplying an article on the Mini (731 HOP) used in the hour long episodes.

Mike Banwell - For supplying information and the original acetates of the music he co-wrote with Rick Minas which was used in the episode 'Not so Jolly Roger'.

George Brown - For supplying information and a picture of Sasha Caro aka Caro Minas aka Rick Minas. George's information forms part of a website on Cat Stevens by Christine Chenevey and can be accessed here

Neil Ewart - For supplying the magazine article entitled "Behind the scenes" from "The Viewer" magazine dated November 28th 1965

Andrew Ballard - For supplying the magazine article entitled "Lucky Penny talks to The Danger Man" from "Diana" magazine dated June 11th 1966

Nigel Phelan - For supplying the TV Times magazine containing a two-page article and the first episode "View from the villa", dated September 9th 1960

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