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Danger Man Trivia  [Back to the homepage]

This pages looks at some Danger Man trivia

At one point, the series was to have been called "Lone Wolf". This is a code name assigned to Drake, though it is only uttered once or twice on the show.

An unproduced script written for the series, "The Girl Who Was Death" was instead filmed as an episode of "The Prisoner" (1967).

Many guest stars on "Danger Man" later reappeared in "The Prisoner" (1967).

After several seasons of black-and-white episodes, it was decided to switch to color. But after only two episodes were completed, McGoohan quit the series to devote his energies to "The Prisoner" (1967). These two episodes were edited together to form the film Koroshi (1966).

Different opening credits sequences were devised for the original UK broadcasts, with episodes alternating between them. One shows Drake walking towards the camera in negative, then a sharp closeup of his eyes in positive. The second sequence starts with a closeup of Drake's eyes, then pulls back on a photograph of his complete face.

The American theme song "Secret Agent Man" was originally titled "Danger Man" with corresponding lyrics, until the decision was made to change the series title for US broadcast.

The nationality of John Drake is a matter of some debate. In the original "Danger Man" (1960) series, he was portrayed as an American. In the 1964 series, he appeared to be British. Patrick McGoohan was born in the US but based in Europe, and in one episode of the 1964 series, John Drake says he is Irish.

McGoohan's next series, "The Prisoner" (1967) is considered by many to be a spinoff of "Danger Man" and many believe that show's main character, Number 6, is John Drake. Indeed at least one character from "Danger Man" (Potter) appears in an episode of "Prisoner." However, McGoohan has since 1967 been adamant Number 6 is not John Drake.

Susan Hampshire first worked alongside Patrick McGoohan in the film "The Three Lives of Thomasina" (1964). The following year she appeared in two episodes of Danger Man:
- Are You Going to Be More Permanent? (1965) as Lesley Arden
- You're Not in Any Trouble, Are You? (1965) as Lena

Aubrey Morris appeared in three episodes of Danger Man:
- Yesterday's Enemies (1964) as Harris
- The Affair at Castelevara (1965) as Fortunato Santos
- The Paper Chase (1966) as Tamasio
In total he appeared alongside Patrick McGoohan in four different productions: "The Quare Fellow" (1962), "Danger Man" (1964, 1965, 1966), "The Prisoner" (1967) and "Columbo - Ashes to Ashes" (1998).

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