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Unfilmed Danger Man  [Back to the homepage]

This pages looks at a Danger Man episode that never made it to screen

Writing for film and television is a long, protracted process. Many ideas never get much further than thoughts in a writers head. Some ideas get put down on paper, as story outlines. These, if approved will be developed into a script. Once that stage is reached, the written word may evolve still further, as re-writes are demanded by producers and script editors. Another writer may be called in to polish up a story, or it might get thrown out altogether.

Generally speaking little information is ever released on movies or TV scripts that don't get filmed. Producers and writers are quick to talk of success, but where is the glory in an unfilmed script that sits forgotten in a draw?

Over the course of the production of "Danger Man" many story outlines would have been put forward and discussed but very few would have reached script stage. Some would have been rejected for reasons of budget, others would not have fitted into the format of the show and some would have been simply unworkable.

The following story was unearthed by a member of the British Film Institute some years ago. During the course of his work the employee had cause to open several boxes that had been in store since the closure of the MGM Studios in Borehamwood some years before. Amongst a stack of publicity photographs, production drawings and film scripts he found a 5 page story outline for "Danger Man". The details of this unfilmed episode are given below:

By Philip Broadley

An aging Russian master spy recently defected to the West attends a government meeting held under strict security at a country mansion. During the course of the meeting the man, Koschet is to reveal important secrets, these secrets remain hidden however, the man is shot dead. During the confusion that follows the assassin makes his escape.

Some months later John Drake is called to the Ministry of Defence and learns that, although the press reported that Koschet died, he did in fact survive, though badly injured and in a coma. Unfortunately this information has been leaked to the other side and Koschet may now face the assassinís bullet again.

Koschet has been in a retirement home in the Kent countryside for several months. He has been looked after, his condition remains stable, and the British government are intent on keeping him alive in case he recovers from his comatose state. Drake is to go undercover as a Nurse and see that no one gets to the Russian Spy.

Drake takes up the post of Stephen Porter, a male nurse in the large home and quickly learns that looking after the elderly and infirm has its own enemies, cruelty and neglect is witnessed, Drake now faces a dilemma, reveal his identity and break the homes false record of good health care or stay silent and await for the assassin to make his move...............

By Peter Duffell

Not much is known about this episode, but Peter Duffell revealed this piece of gold-dust during an audio commentary with Jaz Wiseman for Man In A Suitcase:

Based around bullfighting and flamenco dancers in Spain. Would have been a one hour colour episode. Duffell understood Danger Man would continue as a colour series. Commissioned by George Markstein.

Many thanks to Jaz Wiseman for this information!

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