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The Dangermen - A documentary by Jeff Smart  [Back to the homepage]

"THE DANGERMEN" is a documentary I made over 15 years ago, for inclusion on an American DVD release of "Danger Man". Unfortunately at the last minute the plans for these extras were shelved and nothing more was done about them. The rights have now reverted back to me, so for the first time I am able to release this to fans of the "Danger Man" series.

Over the years there have been plenty of productions about "The Prisoner", but as far as I know there has never been anything much about "Danger Man", so this is a unique chance to hear about the series that started it all.

Sadly the participants, Peter Price, Philip Broadley and Frank Maher are no longer with us, but this doco stands as a tribute to their work, and is an insight into their involvement in the production.

On the disk I’ve also included a bunch of extras materials, with of our guests talking about other projects they were involved with at the time (other ITC series, feature film, etc) with many funny anecdotes and references to The Prisoner.

Take a look at the youtube clip and my eBay site if you wish to purchase a copy.

All orders will go out on the 20th Sept.

Jeff Smart – Producer (no relation to Ralph…!)

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