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Familiar Faces - Alf Joint  [Back to Familiar Faces]

Appearances in Danger Man:
Episode Title Character Name
Dangerous Secret Carl

Appearances in The Prisoner:
Episode Title Character Name
Free for All 2nd Mechanic
Alf Joint appearing in Danger Man Alf Joint appearing in The Prisoner

Born in 1927, Alf Joint began his career in the 1963 Dr Who series, followed by stunt work as a double for Sean Connery in the James Bond film Goldfinger. His list of credits as either stunt man or stunt co-ordinator is highly impressive, with some of the highlights being Where Eagles Dare, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Kelly's Heroes, The Omen, A Bridge Too Far, Superman II and Return of The Jedi. He was also extensively employed in many of the popular television series of the day, including Danger Man, Dixon of Dock Green, The Avengers, The Persuaders!, The Protectors and Minder.

Joint appears in the fifty-minute Danger Man episode 'Dangerous Secret' and has a brief part in the Prisoner episode 'Arrival' playing the boat mechanic which Number 6 overpowers.

Joint died aged 78 in 2005.

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