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Familiar Faces - Betty Le Beau  [Back to Familiar Faces]

Appearances in Danger Man:
Episode Title Character Name
The Girl who Liked G.I.s Receptionist

Appearances in The Prisoner:
Episode Title Character Name
A, B and C Maid at Party
Betty Le Beau appearing in Danger Man Betty Le Beau appearing in The Prisoner

"Born on March 23rd 1936 in Antwerp, Belgium, Bettine Le Beau was separated from her parents at a young age and was taken to two concentration camps during the Holocaust. She eventually escaped from Camp DeGurs on the border of Spain and headed to France, where she was hidden by a family, saving her life. She went to England in 1945, where she attended Pitman's College in Southampton Row.

Le Beau went on to work as a model, actress, broadcaster, cabaret artiste, lecturer, portrait painter, sculptor, graphologist, and a facilitator for a Yiddish language circle. She has worked in radio, on a woman's program for solving problems. She has founded a cosmetic business along with a charity called The Feminine Touch.

Today, Le Beau is a public speaker, who mainly talks about her experiences as a child of the Holocaust. She is also an author, with a book entitled ""Help Yourself to Happiness.""

Le Beau had a very brief part in the first series of Danger Man in the episode 'The Girl Who Liked G I's' but is more recognisable as playing The Maid in The Prisoner episode 'A, B & C'."

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