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Familiar Faces - Brian Worth  [Back to Familiar Faces]

Appearances in Danger Man:
Episode Title Character Name
The Affair at Castelevara El Ferro
The Outcast Xavier
The Man Who Wouldn't Talk Forbes

Appearances in The Prisoner:
Episode Title Character Name
Many Happy Returns Group Captain
Brian Worth appearing in Danger Man Brian Worth appearing in The Prisoner

Brian Worth was born in London on July 30th 1914 and appeared in three fifty-minute episodes of Danger Man. In 'The Outcast' he plays 'Xavier' a womanising rouge who although romantically attached to Nora (Patricia Haines) can't help trying his luck with her daughter Helen (Judy Geeson). Worth then works alongside McGoohan playing The Group Captain in The Prisoner episode 'Many Happy Returns'.

Worth's career started in 1939 when he appeared in three films, Ask A Policeman, The Lion Has Wings and The Arsenal Stadium Mystery. Roles followed in The Man in The White Suit, Scrooge, Tom Brown's Schooldays, It Started in Paradise, An Inspector Calls, Ill Met By Moonlight and The Square Peg and on television he appeared in The Vise, The Buccaneers, Quatermass & The Pit, Francis Storm Investigates, Danger Man, The Champions and Department S.

Worth's final work was as Alec Bates in 'Harriet's Back in Town' in 1973. He died aged just 64 on August 25th 1978.

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