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Familiar Faces - Finlay Currie  [Back to Familiar Faces]

Appearances in Danger Man:
Episode Title Character Name
The Gallows Tree Jock
That's Two of Us Sorry Landlord

Appearances in The Prisoner:
Episode Title Character Name
The Chimes of Big Ben General
Finlay Currie appearing in Danger Man Finlay Currie appearing in The Prisoner

Scotsman Finlay Currie was born on January 20th 1878 in Edinburgh. Currie appeared in both series one and two of Danger Man in the episodes 'The Gallows Tree' and then 'Thatís two of us Sorry'. In the latter episode he played the role of the landlord/barman on the Isle of Herta who is suspicious of Drake's arrival on the island. We see Currie again in the second Prisoner episode 'The Chimes of Big Ben' playing the chess piece making General, who again is not instantly fond of McGoohan's character.

A former church organist and choirmaster Currie made his stage debut at 20 years of age. It took him 34 more years before making his first film, but he worked steadily for another 30 years after that. Although he was a large, imposing figure, with a rich, deep voice and somewhat authoritarian demeanour, he was seldom cast in villainous parts. He received great acclaim for his role as Magwitch in Great Expectations (1946), and one of his best remembered roles was as Shunderson, Cary Grant's devoted servant with a secret past, in People Will Talk (1951). Later in life he became a much respected antiques dealer, specializing in coins and precious metals.

Currie died in England on May 9th 1968 at age 90.

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