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Familiar Faces - Oliver MacGreevy  [Back to Familiar Faces]

Appearances in Danger Man:
Episode Title Character Name
The Paper Chase Sam

Appearances in The Prisoner:
Episode Title Character Name
Arrival Gardener / Electrician
Oliver MacGreevy appearing in Danger Man Oliver MacGreevy appearing in The Prisoner

Born on August 3rd 1928 in Dublin Ireland, Oliver MacGreevy appeared as both the 'Electrician' and the 'Gardener' in the first Prisoner episode 'Arrival'. He visits Number 6 to mend his radio and Number 6 is then shocked to meet him again, a few moments later, this time tending the flowers in the Village garden. Oliver had appeared alongside McGoohan in the penultimate black & white episode of Danger Man, 'The Paper Chase', playing Sam one of the poker players at Eddie Gelb's apartment. Incidentally Peter Swanwick who plays the Prisoner supervisor also appears in 'The Paper Chase' as Joe, another one of the poker players.

MacGreevy began his acting career in the 1957 series The Buccaneers and his first big screen success was in The Ipcress File in 1965. He followed this with roles in Licence To Kill, Modesty Blaise, Salt & Pepper, When Eight Bells Toll and Flash Gordon. On the small screen he was seen in Danger Man, Orlando, Softly Softly, Z Cars, Department S, Jason King and The Avengers.

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