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Danger Man Jigsaws  [Back to the Memorabilia page]

There were four jigsaws produced:

1. The River Chase
2. Trouble at the Hotel
3. A Rooftop Adventure
4. A Dangerous Moment

The jigsaw artwork is by famous British artist Walt Howarth Walter is famous for his 1950's and 60's British Annuals featuring all TV and Western favourites. What most people don't realise is that he was the UK's premier puzzle artist of the 1960's,and produced many famous designs including Dr Who, James Bond, The Beatles, Coronation Street, Beverly Hillbillies, Danger Man, Dave Clark 5, Steptoe and Son etc etc....

These jigsaws are now very rare (especially with all the pieces, and with the box).

Above, "The River Chase" (picture from reverse of box)   Above, "Trouble at the Hotel" (picture from reverse of box)
Above, "A Rooftop Adventure" (picture from reverse of box)   Above, "A Dangerous Moment" (picture from reverse of box)
Above, The Box for "The River Chase"   Above, "The River Chase" (a photo of the actual puzzle)

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