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New Danger Man Episode  [Back to the homepage]

A while back I was contacted by Patrick Freeman who informed me of his intentions to produce a new Danger Man episode. To begin with I thought little of it, thinking it may be just a fellow DM fan with big ideas and small pockets, like myself. However when I was asked to proof read his script I realised that Patrick was completely serious and production was already underway.

The new episode is entitled "Vendetta for a Dead Friend" and is loosely based upon an unfilmed episode by Philip Broadley.

Episode Overview
"Vendetta for a Dead Friend" is written to follow-on or at least to tie-in with the 3rd series episode "To Our Best Friend", in which Drake travels to Bagdad to see if his old friend Bill Vincent has become a double-agent. In this episode we learn that Vincent has been assassinated and the only person who can identify the assassin is himself assassinated, or is he? Drake is called in to investigate, but can he stop himself from avenging his friend's death?

Opening Credits
Danger Man fans will know the majority of the original 50-minute series opened with Drake approaching the camera with an inverted 'negative' effect, before switching to an up-close facial shot. The new episode features the exact same sequence, but with Patrick Freeman substituting McGoohan as Drake.

Opening Credits

John Drake  ............   Patrick Freeman
Chambers  ............   Mike Busson
Hobbs  ............   Kit Benjamin
The General  ............   Clifford Allison
Koskov  ............   Mike Aherne
Doctor Hilts  ............   Rez Kempton
Chauffeur / Lscariot  ............   Scott Smith
Head of Security  ............   Magnus Lokrheim
Secret Serviceman  ............   Richard Edwards
Nurse  ............   Bonita Jones
Guard  ............   Dominic Miles
Director of Photography  ............   Raymond Brown
Editor  ............   Neil Jones
Camera Assistant  ............   Simon Fortescue
Sound Recordist  ............   Peter Morton
Unit Manager  ............   Robert Miles
Make-up  ............   Zofira Gluzinska

Filming Location
The episode was filmed entirely on location at:

The Mansion House

Over 130 years old and set within 500 acres of parkland, The Mansion was a perfect filming location for the episode.
The Mansion House

Closing Credits
In-keeping with the original 50-minute series, the closing credits list the cast and crew with the Danger Man 'code wheel' graphic in the background.

Closing Credits

Overall Summary
From the moment the opening credits begin, throughout and until the very end, you get a real feeling you are watching an original Danger Man episode. The credits with original music by Edwin Astley are so well done that you have to look twice before you notice it's not McGoohan on screen!

The music throughout the episode, the choice of filming location, props and vehicles that are used, plus the fact it's filmed in black and white all add to the episode and really makes it feel authentic and in-keeping with the original series. A purist could argue that the clarity of the filming is too good and that it could do with a little fuzz adding to make it even more authentic, but we are living in the era of 'High-Definition', 'Blue-Ray' and '3D', so I'm sure we can overlook this.

The cast and crew do a terrific job, so much in fact that you probably wouldn't realise that this is not a high budget production. After watching the episode, remind yourself that this has been made by fans, for fans and not for any profit or personal gain and you'll appreciate it even more. One can't help but wonder what these guys could do with a Hollywood style budget and facilities.

I highly praise and thank Patrick Freeman for having the energy and willingness to make this episode and all involved in its filming and production. I recommend that all Danger Man fans should view the new episode which can be found on YouTube, or by clicking the link below:

Watch the episode on YouTube
Watch the episode on YouTube
Download the draft script
Download the draft script

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