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Danger Man Filming Locations  [Back to the homepage]

This page identifies some of the locations used during the filming of Danger man. I have added a 'now' shot showing how the locations look today, however sometimes over the years locations have altered - buildings have changed or demolished and so some will never be found. The where-abouts of these locations were obtained from the fantastic A Guide To Avengerland website.

Some of the later episodes filmed at Shepperton Studios use locations within the grounds of the studio, click here to view these.
Colony Three  [View Episode Details]
Fuller leaves his flat on Archway Road, London and gets on a bus and is followed by Drake in his Mini (between Holmesdale Road and Cholmeley Park). Later Drake returns to take Fuller in for questioning.
Drake follows Fuller on the bus down Archway Road, London to the Citizens Advice Bureau which he opens. The Citizens Advice Bureau and other buildings were demolised when Archway Road was made into a dual-carridge way.
Janet Wells, James Randall and Drake (posing as a clerk named Fuller), arrive in Hampden New Town on a double-decker bus. They are met by Richardson outside of the 'Civic Centre' which is in reality St John's Church, South Hatfield.
Richardson strolls from behind the Civic Centre (St John's Church in South Hatfield) to meet the new recuits who have just arrived in Hamden New Town.
Richardson gives the trio a tour of Hamden New Town - The shopping centre is 'The Hilltop Shopping Precinct' in South Hatfield.
Richardson shows Janet Wells, James Randall and Drake around the church where Alan Bayliss is buried. This is St Andrews Church in Totteridge, North London.
In the churchyard, Richardson informs Janet that she will be filling Bayliss' position in the Library at Hamden New Town. Again this is St Andrews Churchyard in Totteridge, North London. The Gravestones in the churchyard are still exactly the same.
Leaving Janet and Randall in the churchyard, Richardson takes Drake for a look around Hamden New Town. This was filmed around Old Hatfield including what is now the Eight Bells Public House on Fore Street.
Richardson shows Drake the Citizens Advice Bureau in Hamden New Town, where he'll be working from now on.
Richardson and Drake continue the tour of Hamden New Town, which in real-life is The Hilltop Shopping Precinct' in South Hatfield.

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