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Welcome to my website dedicated to the sixties television series Danger Man also known as Secret Agent Man in America, and Destination Danger in France. Starring Patrick McGoohan as John Drake. I'm currently updating this site so if you have any information you'd like to share, please email me
My website does touch upon the McGoohan cult masterpiece ‘The Prisoner’, looking at the links between the two series and the actors and actresses that appear in both. But if you're looking for more in-depth information on 'The Prisoner' then look no further than our excellent sister-site ‘The Unmutual’. Visit The Unmutual Website for information on 'The Prisoner'
Recent Updates
November 14th 2015: The London Film Convention. Actors attending include: Barbara Shelley (View from the villa), Elizabeth Shepherd (Dangerous secret), Nadja Regin (The Professionals), Jane Merrow (Room in the basement / The man who wouldn't talk / A date with Doris), Isobel Black (The man with the foot), Louise Bancroft (A man to be trusted), Jacqueline Pearce (Don't nail him yet), Sylvia Sims (It's up to the lady), Lee Montague (Such men are dangerous), Derren Nesbitt (Time to kill / The brothers / Sting in the tail).

Nigel Phelan has recently emailed me an electronic copy of the TV Times magazine dated 9th September 1960. This includes the listing for the very first episode of Danger Man, "View from the villa" and also includes a two-page article on the series. Click here to go to the 'TV Times' page, where the issue can be downloaded in PDF format.

I have been very fortunate as Andrew Ballard and Neil Ewart have both kindly emailed in a Danger Man magazine article. Andrew’s article is from a 1966 edition of ‘Diana’ magazine and Neil’s is from the Tynes Tees TV magazine 'The Viewer'. Both articles can be found on the 'Magazine Articles' page by clicking here

Jimmy Wilson has emailed me with details of his fifth and final diecast model, Drake's Land Rover. This will be listed on eBay on July 4th. To view this and each of Jimmy's diecast model cars click here

Jaz Wiseman and Rick Davy have kindly loaned me original copies of the first and second Danger Man Pressbooks. These can be viewed and downloaded here

New Danger Man Episode I am very pleased to announce an exciting Danger Man development - a newly filmed episode entitled "Vendetta for a Dead Friend".

Made by fans, this excellent production is not for profit and is purely a 'fan film', but amateur it is not!

For further information, some screen clips and to view the episode click here
Versions of the Danger Man theme tunes Over the years many different musicians have recorded and released their versions of the Danger Man theme tune.

This page looks at all the versions which I know to have been released.

Many thanks to Dave Ashby for his help with this.

Familiar Faces If you’ve watched both Danger Man and The Prisoner you may have spotted some familiar faces as many ITC actors appeared in both series.

Excluding Patrick McGoohan, I have identified 56 actors that appear in both series.

A synopsis on all 56 actors including pictures and profiles can be seen on my Familiar Faces page
Explores the Danger Man episodes filmed at Portmeirion Filming 'The Prisoner' wasn't Patrick McGoohan's first visit to the Italianate village of Portmeirion in North Wales.

In fact six episodes of the first series of Danger Man include filming at, or footage of Portmeirion.

Click here to view more information

NetworkDVD soundtracks A while back NetworkDVD released Danger Man soundtracks to both the thirty-minute and fifty-minutes series.

Recently they have kindly given me permission to feature some demo clips on my site to give you an idea of what's included on the Soundtracks.

Click here for more details
Share your views/ideas/comments on the Danger Man Forum By popular request I have added a 'forum' to my website.

If you're not a member it's free and easy to join - just complete the online registration process.

Click here to access the forum

731 HOP
Drake's Mini - 731 HOP Thanks to Sue Schofield for supplying her article on the Mini used by Drake in Danger Man.

731 HOP is to Drake what KAR 120C is to Number 6.

Click here to read more
New Danger Man Mini Jimmy Wilson is producing a limited number of 1:43 scale model mini's.

Click here for more details

New Patrick McGoohan biography A new Patrick McGoohan biography entitled "Not a Number" by Rupert Booth is now on sale.

Full details can be found on The Unmutual website, including details on how to purchase signed copies at the exclusive price of £7.98 (plus P&P).

Information and Music Downloads by Rick Minas and Mike Banwell After almost 12 years of searching for information on the music used in the episode 'Not so Jolly Roger' I have been contacted by Mike Banwell, who co-wrote the songs with Rick Minas.

Click here for more information

McGoohan takes a break during the filming of the episode 'Time to Kill' Steve Phillips from Oswestry has emailed-in a very interesting story and photograph about how his Grandfather, Evan Heaven Jones, was asked by McGoohan to play an extra in the episode 'Time to Kill'.

Click here for the full story
The Complete Series One - Released by NetworkDVD NetworkDVD have announced they will be releasing The Complete Series 1 Boxset in January 2010. The set contains a book by Andrew Pixley which makes it a must buy.

Click here to visit the NetworkDVD website

View the TV Times episode guides for most of 1965/66 I've recently added the TV Times covers and listings for each week that the fifty-minute episodes of Danger Man and The Prisoner were on air.

I am missing a few editions which I will add if/when I obtain them. If you can help fill the gaps it'd be great to hear from you!

Click here to see more...
Download Danger Man magazine articles in PDF format Over the years I have collected many magazines featuring Danger Man related articles.

I have recently scanned 56 of these in and you can view them in PDF format, from the Memorabilia page.

Patrick McGoohan as John Drake in Danger Man The Danger Man website is very sad to confirm that Patrick McGoohan passed away in Los Angeles on Tuesday 13th January 2009 after a short illness.

He was an extremely fine actor and will be sadly missed. Our thoughts and best wishes are with Patrick's family at this sad time.
My letter from Patrick McGoohan I wrote to Patrick McGoohan in October 2008 and was lucky enough to get a letter back from him. I specifically asked him if he recalled the filming of the episode “Not so Jolly Roger” at “Red Sands Fort”.

You can view my letter and the two autographed photographs which Patrick sent me: Photo1 | Photo2

Patrick McGoohan is John Drake aka Danger Man. Set in the deadly world of international espionage and intrigue, Drake is an agent who jousts with danger before a backdrop of diverse global locations. Aided with unique gadgets and an ingenious mind, Drake does not simply attract danger - he thrives on it.

This collector's 13 DVD set includes all 47 Danger Man adventures comprising the 50-minute series, remastered, complete & uncut for the first time. With special features including exclusive audio commentaries, interviews, archive footage, the rarely seen feature length Danger Man film 'Koroshi', ITC publicity, scripts, extensive image galleries, this is the definitive edition of a cult TV classic.

This is the finest Danger Man boxset to be released and can be purchased from the Madman Website

You can view Madman's 30 second trailer by clicking here (2.3MB)
Madman Danger Man Boxset

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