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Danger Man Series 2  [Change Series]

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1. Fish on the Hook 17. Whatever Happened to George Foster?
2. Don't Nail Him Yet 18. A Room in the Basement
3. Fair Exchange 19. The Affair at Castelevara
4. The Professionals 20. Have a Glass of Wine
5. The Colonel's Daughter 21. The Mirror's New
6. It's Up to the Lady 22. Parallel Lines Sometimes Meet
7. That's Two of Us Sorry 23. You're Not in Any Trouble, Are You?
8. The Galloping Major 24. The Outcast
9. Yesterday's Enemies 25. The Mercenaries
10. Colony Three 26. Sting in the Tail
11. A Man to Be Trusted 27. A Very Dangerous Game
12. The Battle of the Cameras 28. The Black Book
13. No Marks for Servility 29. Judgement Day
14. The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove 30. English Lady Takes Lodgers
15. A Date with Doris 31. Loyalty Always Pays
16. Such Men are Dangerous 32. Are You Going to be More Permanent?

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